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With 2012 being the 30th zoom pegasus nike Anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1, how could we skip out on giving shine to some of the all-time greatest Air Force 1 Lows of all-time via Classics Revisited ? Nike Sportswear hasn't disappointed this year thus far, with a slew of AF1-XXX releases that'll surely be the focus of  revisitations' a few years from now, but we'll devote this week to some of the most memorably Forces in history.

The Air Force 1 Low  Playstation' was designed with the console in mind; it featured the shiny piano black patent leather toe with a blue-to-white gradient on the heel. The classic Sony Playstation logo is embroidered on the heel, but what makes each and every pair stand out is the individual numberings. That's right  each of the 150 pairs created have its own  serial number' of sorts. Each of the pairs were given to hand-selected recipients, but perhaps the most notable of that group is Kobe blazers nike Bryant  coverboy of the Sony-exclusive "NBA" video game franchise.

Of course, the value of the Air Force 1  Playstation' can't be concretely determined, but expect to shell out a couple thousands for one of the 150 pairs in existence. More of the Air Force 1 Low  Playstation' below, so take a look nike football boots and check back tomorrow for another classic Air Force 1 Low spotlight!Nike's jewel-swooshed Air Force 1 s are a popular alternate take on one of their most classic silhouettes, adding a new and interesting method of embellishment without compromising the shoe's historic DNA. This year, we've seen jewel swooshes both large and small hit the Force, with one of the most noticeable being the special PlayStation Air Force 1s, a shoe that featured a large blue Swoosh on the midfoot.

There have been tons of denim sneakers over the years but what sets Nike Sportswear apart from the pack is their attention to detail. The Selvage Denim Terminator from 2009 set nike air jor a new standard in high-end jeans reproduction with plenty of others following in between and now the Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium takes its shot at everybody's favorite cotton fabric. These AF1 Lows have all kinds of nice touches including metal eyelets to match the Metallic Bronze stitching, leather tongue and heel tabs and even denim on the insoles! Click through to see some detailed images of this model set to hit stores on May 20th and if you can't wait till then grab a pair today from Kicks-Crew .

The most recent release from Nike Sportswear's  XXX Pearl' capsule celebrating the Air Force 1's 30th anniversary released a couple weeks back when the Air Maxed-out camo edition dropped in limited quantities. That pair utilized VacTech construction for a sleek upper that gained depth from its molded appearance, but what if you could do that same kind of visual trickery on an even smoother design? That's the idea with this sixth Pearl Collection drop, a Nike Air Force 1 Low built with the aid of high-frequency welding technology whose tonal grey digital camouflage takes on a different pattern so as to facilitate something approximating an urban  concrete jungle'.

Given how hot grey/white sneakers have been of late, this is likely to be a monster hit when it arrives at select retailers this summer; are these the best Pearl Air Force nike mercure 1s yet? Let us know on the other side after you check out a bunch of additional images, and be sure to check back with Sneaker News for the US release date.
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