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Puma Thunder Desert Particle Beige
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Now, the men are set to get in on the action with two even simpler takes on the third addition to the joggersize.com by way of two tonal offerings – one white and the other black. While the darker of these two varieties stays uniform, the white pair does utilize cream and sail for a slightly more detailed look. Much like the previous two pairs, these Deserts come dressed in a number of materials, from their scaly midfoot formstripes, to the aforementioned layering that calls upon both suede and luxe leather for a more complex look.

The color-blocking effect on both is the immediate standout feature, with both utilizing shades of Puma Sneakers Black beige and khaki as a base hue. The difference comes into play via the details, with one opting for hits of orange and the other showcasing blue accents. Another common factor that the two options share is the use of black and white in the design process, but the way both colorways are incorporated vary from part to part. While both utilize the same black heel tab, the orange version is where you’ll get the most black detailing.

The highly-coveted silhouette, which pays homage to Puma Thunder Desert Particle Beige past collaboration with Alexander McQueen, sees a reserved color palette of cream and white dressing the upper’s mesh, suede and leather construction. The tonal colors then run down into the silhouette’s chunky midsole and outsole. Contrasting red has then been added to the mid-section of the midsole while green wraps around the bottom section of the heel. Minimal PUMA branding on the heel and tongue tabs complete the overall look of this model.

Using soft cream/white tones for the base while green and red provide accents, this Thunder pays homage to the Italian flag — and offers flashes of Gucci-inspired styling — by combining athletic meshes and premium leathers on the heavily paneled upper. The midsole continues the blend of compelling tones, and the aforementioned green and red accents appear down low as well, embellishing the elegant look instead of overpowering it Don't Miss Out.

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