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But is there a place for isolation?On the other hand, it cartoon hat is possible to develop some codependency with the busyness of life and the endless array of opportunities for empty human interaction, companionship, and even simple proximity. In the post  Build your self-reliance and be free  I talked about working through a fear that I had of being alone and singularly responsible for my young children. I spoke to finding comfort simply with the presence of other adults. We all need to learn to become comfortable with and embrace being alone. Solitude is essential for any type of self-discovery, and the trust that it builds for us in ourselves and in the world is as liberating as it is necessary.

But this sounds like isolation does it not?There are two important differences between seclusion and isolation. First, I think of seclusion as inherently limited per the charlie 1 horse hats time frame. It's temporary. By contrast isolation has no such built-in expiration date  it can be ongoing. Second, seclusion is an opportunity to remove ourselves from the distractions of the outside world such that we can focus on our inner exploration and expand spiritually. We then bring our chicago bears hat expansion back into our engagement with other humans. It's quite beautiful actually. Isolation is the opposite. When we shield and isolate ourselves from the greater outside world we are choosing to keep ourselves small, comfortable, contracted and inhibited.

In the last fortnight rating agencies Care and Brickworks have downgraded Reliance capital by a few notches. Rating agencies further added "RCL continues to be on credit watch with developing implications". The rating agencies have sighted RCLs liquidity as a major concern. Reliance capital has rejected the rating rationale stating it is capable to pay off its debt. Before getting into what chinese hat went wrong, we need to understand what forms Reliance Capital.

RCL has lately been divesting its subsidiaries to meet its debt obligations. Reliance capital traditionally has been an investment company. Reliance capital used to raise debt to fund its subsidiaries. Due to continuous investments in its subsidiary's debt levels increased substantially for RCL and during the same time other companies of ADAG (RCOM, RPOWER, RINFRA) started becoming unsustainable. This put lot of pressure on RCL to pare down its debt and bring it down to an operate able level. Post that RCL has been trying to deleverage itself but nothing substantial has been achieved yet. Timeline of divestment events is as below.

By clicking on submit button, you authorize IIFL & its representatives & agents to provide information about various products, offers and services provided by IIFL through any mode including telephone calls, SMS, letters etc. . you confirm that laws in relation to unsolicited communication referred in National Do Not Call Registry as laid down by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will not be applicable for such information/ communication.

As with most businesses, the incumbents have historically aimed to build relationships with corporate clients and have focused on high church hats spend customers. This makes sense since that is where you might expect margins to be. In serving such segments, companies tend to work on continually improving their offerings, something termed as  sustained innovation'. In the world of  disruptive innovation' this has a likelihood of leading to  performance overshoot'. Essentially, customers are provided more than what a large section really wants and in the process a significant mass of customers cease to be truly satisfied. The stage is then set for a disrupter who can enter with a low priced offering with some potential performance drawbacks as well.
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