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black and gray converse
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637886 Sneaker Collab and Graffiti Legend Futura Teams Up With black and gray converse Converse /2016/01/21/sneaker-collab-and-graffiti-legend-futura-teams-up-with-converse/ /2016/01/21/sneaker-collab-and-graffiti-legend-futura-teams-up-with-converse/#respond Thu, 21 Jan 2016 20:30:12 0000 /?p=632182 World renowned graffiti, street, and fine artist Futura has been no stranger to the sneaker world over the years, and now he s back with another collaborative project. This time it s Converse that borrows his signature abstract aesthetic, for a duo of the Converse Chuck Taylor II in its high and low-top iterations.

If you re tired of your standard Chucks, now you can grab an eye-catching edition of the shoe in a 100% tonal colorway, seen here in your choice of red or blue. Literally every component of the shoe from top to bottom is the same color black and green converse making these true  Triple Red and  Triple Blue renditions. Maybe even quadruple red and blue? Find your pair as they arrive at select Converse retailers globally right now. Chucks also just got a premium new black and pink converse makeover from Stussy .Just when you think you ve seen everything possible on a Chuck Taylor model, Converse goes back to the drawing board and ensures that the iconic style keeps evolving.

Available this Thursday, January 8th at select retailers, the collection will subsequently arrive at Asian shops the following week on January 15th, 2015.Tue, 16 Jul 2019 11:00:14 0000 /?p=861726 With ComplexCon Chicago right around the corner, Converse has readied several new collaborative projects, and one of the most black and white converse high tops womens compelling is unquestionably Chinatown Market s duo of UV light-activated takes on the Chuck 70.

Ahead of their official debut, we were able to sit down with Chinatown Market founder/lead designer Mike Cherman, and he expounded on his history with Converse, his personal relationship with the Chuck Taylor, the meaning behind the product, and what he hoped to achieve with his co-created sneakers. For all that and more, check out the full interview directly below.Mike Cherman: That s a fun story. It was us [Chinatown Market] doing a 1-of-1 project with that sneaker, really something that we just wanted to get to LeBron. Obviously it inspired a bunch of DIY creations, which lead us towards our bigger goal of actually working with Converse.

So I used to work at a Nike customization store called the Bowery Stadium in black and white converse shoes downtown New York, and as kids who were working at this Nike customization center, every day my co-workers and I were wearing Converse. It was this funny thing where it was like our  rebellion, being able to wear these shoes instead of wearing Nike, even though Nike obviously owns Converse. I always felt like Converse always had this rebellious edge to it because the punk kids would wear it, the skate kids would wear it, the style kids would wear it, it s always kinda had that air to me. That was my way of being unique.
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