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puma alife
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Sightings of the puma alife British "Beast of Bodmin Moor" apparently ceased after the skull of an Indian black panther was found near where a big cat apparently slew numerous sheep over the past several years. However, the apparent presence of a puma who mauled both a heifer and a dog in the Foret de Chize, France, in mid-May obliged the Prefecture des Deux-Svres to close the 13,000-acre forest to foot traffic. There is a zoo of about 600 animals in nearby Villiers-en-Bois, but no zoo cats have been reported missing.

The Explicit Dynamic Model and Inertial Parameters of the PUMA 566 A m t Brian Armstrong, Oussama Khatib, Joel Burdick Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Stanford UniversityAbstract size of the models generated by these programs varieswidely; and there is little consensus on puma athletic shoes the question of whether the explicit To provide COSMOS, a dynamic model baaed manipulator models can be made sufficiently compact to be used for control.

control system, with an improved dynamic model, a PUMA 560 Aldon and Likgeois [1984] present an algorithm for obtaining puma basket black ef-arm waadiaaaaembled; the inertial propertiea of the individual ficient dynamicmodels; but none-the-lessrecomend the use oflinks were meaaured; and an ezplicit model incorporating all ofthe recursive algorithms for real time control, claiming that the com-non-zero meaaured parametera waa deriued. The ezplicit model of plete results are too complicated for real-time control of robots.the PUMA arm has been obtained with a derivation procedurecomprised of aeveral heuristic ruleafor simplification.

In thethirdstepthe elements of the Coriolis matrix,Qij, 2. Simplification of the kinetic energy matrix elements by and of the centrifugal puma basket bow matrix, ci,, arewritten in terms of the combining inertia constants that multiply common Christoffelsymbols of the first kind [Corbenand Stehle 1950; variable expressions. Likgeois et al. 1976]* giving: 3.Expression of the Coriolis and centrifugal matrix elements b.. -- 2 (4) in terms of partial derivatives of kinetic energy matrix *J elements; and reduction of these expressions with four relations that hold on these partial derivatives.

J -- ,p',jj (5) 4. Formation of the needed partial derivatives, expansion of where (qk * it) is the j t h velocity product in the [q4]vector, and the Coriolis and centrifugal matrix elements in terms of the derivatives, and simplification by combining is the Christoffel symbol. inertia constants as in 2. The number of unique non-zero Christoffel symbols required The first step was carried out with a LISP program, named by the PUMA model can be reduced from 126 to 39 with fourEMDEG, which symbolically generates the dynamic model of an equations puma basket heart black thathold on the derivatives of the kinetic energy matrixarticulatedmechanism.EMDEGemploys Kane's dynamic for- elements.

Themeans to carry Jz=, cos2(82) 2 dzdsms 2 Mz2a2 cos2(&) outdifferentiationauto,naticallyhavebeenavailableforsome a;mz cos2(&) d i m s dZm2 J2zz Jizz JizzCalculationsrequired: 37 multiplications,18additions. * The French authors seem to assume the use of Cristoffel symbols, while the American authors seem unaware ofBy combining inertial constants with common variable termsand them.CorbenandStehle,inthe 1950 edition of theirexpanding sin2(82) into (1- c o s 2 ( & ) ) , equation (2) can be re- text, derive the results required here; but the derivationduced to: is largely omitted from their 1960 edition.
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