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adidas stan smith all white
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adidas sneakers womens black Designed for tennis court superstar Stan Smith, the adidas Stan Smith quickly became a legendary sneaker. Stan Smith dominated the court in the 1970s as a two-time Grand Slam singles champion, as well as with his doubles partner Bob Lutz. As a duo, they were on fire, becoming one of the most successful court pairs of all time. Smith formed a partnership with adidas in the 1970s, and eventually would be the inspiration for the sleek, classic adidas Stan Smith shoes.

adidas sneakers cheap mens Re-released in recent years for men, women, and kids, the adidas Originals Stan Smith sneaker is a must-have for casual, everyday wear. Now offered in a wide variety of colors and materials, these low-key, easygoing sneakers pair well with everything in your closet. From the iconic green and white colorway to the All-White Stan Smiths, both are staples in the wardrobes of stylish people from all walks of life.

adidas sneakers grey and pink Adidas x Raf Simons is a collaboration that brings Simons’ irreverent, minimalist aesthetic to the iconic adidas Stan Smith sneaker. Made with leather uppers and rubber soles, these sneakers feature a perforated “R” on each side in place of adidas’ signature three stripes. The shoes come in an unexpected color palette, as well as a choice of classic or distressed finishes.The arrival of the new millennium, though, gradually saw the iconic sneakers being worn by influencers in the fashion industry, thereby increasing its appeal even more.

adidas stan smith all white These Adidas lightweight shoes owe their name to a famous former US tennis player, whose face often appears on the tongue of the kicks named after him; after having marked the history on the tennis courts, their clean lines and the versatile look made them switch into all-around and refined trainers, the low sneakers perfect for any occasion. Easy to wear with a snapback and a T-shirt, or the ideal complement for a backpack and hoodie sporty look, in order to travel with comfort.

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